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Latin America’s rich cultural heritage is made of countless languages, cultural identities, and communities of people who coalesce endlessly, multiculturalism defies categorization. In the United States today Latinx, Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, Mexicans, Cubans, Colombians, Argentinians, Puerto Ricans and an endless number of other nationalities, affiliation, races, associations, identifications, and groups of individuals defy classification. They create tension within the existing organization of parameters that disrupts functionality at every convergence. Being Latinx is a concept that is ever transcending itself. Coalesce is a group exhibition that gives voice to the individuals who have hybrid intersectionalities.

The panel conversation includes:

Erika Hirugami, MAAB. Founder and CEO of Curatorlove

Kiara Machado. Artist

Aldeide Delgado. Founder and Director of WOPHA

Shannon Lindsey. UCF Art Gallery Director

Melissa Geppert. UCF Lecturer of Art History